An artistic protocol to imagine the future


K (a ^ b)> K (a) ^ (b) K = knowledge


 The UNLIMITEDFORMS protocol is based on the most recent work of researchers in various fields such as ecology, economics and astronomy as a source of inspiration, a poetic matter.

The process is one of meeting specialists, during interviews or round table discussions, from three different fields of research: scientific, technical and social, to discuss an artistic hypothesis to be experimented.

The researchers interviewed thus associate themselves with the artistic project in order to combine their knowledge around a theme and plan their research in the distant future.

The sharing of cross knowledge leads to fictions and the production of singular artistic forms: fictitious technological innovations, “therapeutic machines” to solve our current problems; crises linked to climate, energy, food, demography, the economy.

These artistic forms, initiated collectively, linked to the problems of our time, propose to imagine a livable future. The design of these sculptures is related to an existing site as an exhibition site, on an architectural scale (see current projects). (pas sur vu que j ‘ai pas trop compris en français)

These meetings propose to explore research topics such as: food, housing, energy, economics and digital. These meetings and their results are posted on the blog.

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The UNLIMITED FORMS association is the support for the development and sharing of this research.

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